Collectibles Bundle

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Discounted Collectibles Bundle with Cotton Candy, JD, Green Elite, Tree Gun, Tree Knife, Web, Rupture, Blue Scratch, Jack, Mummy, Cane Gun, Cane Knife, Ginger Gun, Ginger Knife, Snowy, Gifted, Snowman Gun, Snowman Knife, Nutcracker, Wrapped Gun, Wrapped Knife, Blossom, Skool, Glitch, Sweetheart, Ornament Knife, Ornament Gun, Ornament2 Knife, Ornament2 Gun, 2015, Passion, TNL, Hearts, Patrick, Neon, Roses, Reptile, Tulip, Valentine, Bunny, Carrot, Choco, Asteroid, Infected,  Goo, Elf Knife, Elf Gun, Santa Gun, Santa Knife, and Egg.